Market Fresh America

A series exploring farmerís markets across the country. We learn how to eat fresh, buy local, and sustain our health and the environment. From plow to plate, your Market Fresh America (MFA) host introduces you to fresh fare, fantastic locations and local personalities. More fun than changing your light bulbs, MFA shows you how tasty green can be. Market Fresh Americaís message is travel less, eat better and get out to meet your community. Itís more fun when your food has a story and when you know the farmer who grew or raised it.†

Village Stories

Natural Light Films produced, directed, filmed and edited 11 profiles of artisans creating fair trade products for Ten Thousand Villages in West and East Africa in 2010.

Art of the Tuareg | Benefiting from Kissi Stone
Cloth of Kings | Creating Hope
From the Fire | Kanga for Women
More Than Mud | Opportunity, Not Sympathy
Weaving a Future | Women Coming Together

Fake Clouds

A short fiction film produced by Natural Light Films and an Official Selection of the Sundance Film Festival 2003. Story written by Todd Palmer of Virtual Farm Creative, Inc. Music by Chad Kinsey and Pete Barnhart.


Ethics in Business Awards

Select profiles of the recipients of Ethics in Business Awards presented by Samaritan Counseling Center.

Stephen Powell | Lancaster Day Care Center
Two Dudes Painting | Earl Hess Dedication
Gary Langmuir | Horst
Lancaster Labs | Quintin Frey
St Joseph Health | United Disabilities Services
Lancaster General Hospital | Nxtbook Media

Children in a Jar

A documentary about the tumultuous social, political, economic and environmental landscape of Central America told through the stories of the children who have been left behind. From the mouths of six children, we learn of their sorrows, spirit, hopes, dreams, death and success. Although the stories are personal, they reveal to the audience the poverty and violence that are debasing the culture and social structure of countries like Honduras and Nicaragua.

Children in a Jar

Naked Philosopher

A collection of interviews with and footage of religious and philosophical characters recorded during a five-week trip through Northern India. Through their stories and statements, we learn about truth and humanity and hear their subconscious pleas against deception and fanaticism. Eastern Poet is a short clip of one character from the film.

Eastern Poet
110 MPH Tibetan New Year
Blue Baba Bus

Experience the Arts and Culture

For WHYY, Philadelphia - These short stories highlight the arts and culture in Philadelphia and are produced by WHYY staff and freelance producers including Andrea Campbell of Natural Light Films, Inc.

Edgar Allen Poe House, Philadelphia
Calder City Hall
History of the Banjo
POEM - Trapeta Mayson - "Father"

Just for Fun

Progress and Preservation - a visual poem produced for a gallery exhibit showcasing poetry and visual arts at Keystone Art & Culture Center.
Progressive Story - a project of Ellyne Lonergan and Glass Onion Productions this is the second part of a story that is being added to by a series of filmmakers. For more of this story go to
Goldfinch Farm - December 2011 at the Goldfinch Farm CSA (community supported agriculture)
Lois' Last Day at Work - A story about Andrea's mom.

White Box Theatre

A production of Natural Light Films, Inc.

Currently Franklin
Sea of Birds Trailer

Gina Michaels, Sculptor

A production of Natural Light Films, Inc.

Gina Michaels, Sculptor

Loretta Bilieux

A production of Natural Light Films, Inc.

Loretta Bilieux


Produced and Directed by Brian Donnelly Studio
Camera and Editing by Andrea Campbell

Physicians' Surgery Center
Lancaster Radiology Associates